Deposits are non-refundable & can only be transfered once if the need to cancel arrises. If the salon cancels/rearranges, then this can be transfered unlimited amount of times.

Deposits are deducted from the service price on the treatment day. E.g. If the treatment cost is £70, the the balance on treatment day is £50.


If you are paying a deposit for your hair extension fitting, then this deposit is taken from the fitting cost, not the hair extension deposit.

E.g. If the hair extensions cost £350, to secure your fitting date, a £20 deposit is required. 

Then we need book a consultation prior to fitting, on this day, we require the hair extension deposot - which is usually £150. Which then leaves a £180 balance on fitting day (instead of £200) as a £20 deposit has already been deducted from the extension fitting price. 


If you have any questions, please contact us using the online form or via Instagram.

Hair Deposit


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